Ownership model

verseworks is a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) registered in the United Kingdom. Each consultant is also a partner of the LLP.

All partners sign the same agreement, and are equal.

Our recruitment process describes what we are looking for in our partners.

Now you might thinking “Huh, so anyone is allowed to become a partner? Really?”.

Exactly! The idea is that, if we wouldn’t trust someone to co-own the company, why would we trust them to represent verseworks at all? If we don’t trust a new partner enough to offer them joint ownership, that’s a sign they shouldn’t be at verseworks at all.

What does partnsership cost?

We strive to minimize the financial value of the company. Yes, you heard it right. I know, that’s like the opposite of what other companies do. But remember, the purpose of is not to enrich it’s owners. The purpose is to help consultants be happy.

We’ve all seen consulting companies that work like pyramid schemes – where old-timers are like fat cats parasiting from the hard work of newcomers. That’s exactly what we don’t want to be.</rant>

What does partnership actually mean?

Partnership means very little in practical terms. You won’t get rich, and you won’t gain more influence (power is gained through meritocracy, not ownership – see our decision process).

What if someone buys verseworks?

In theory someone could come along and shell out a bunch of cash to buy verseworks, and in that case the partners would in a sense cash out. But with the current structure we see that as extremely unlikely. verseworks itself is just a container, a platform. The real value is the consultants, and they aren’t even employed by verseworks. So although someone can technically buy verseworks, they can’t really buy the people inside verseworks. And besides, who would buy a company that explicitly strives to minimize it’s financial value :o)

But who knows. The world can be strange sometimes.

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