Recruitment – how we grow

There’s no economic incentive for us to grow, however new joiners increase our diversity and strengthen our practice (as long as we are retaining the right people!)

Hire awesome people, or don’t hire at all

Worth repeating: hire awesome people, or don’t hire at all!
That’s what makes our model work.

Who gets to join

We don’t have an HR department or recruiters, so there’s not much bandwidth or interest to headhunt people. However, we’re fortunate to have a steady stream of interesting people knocking on the door, so we’re lazy and go for the safe bets.

Our minimum bar is:

  1. The candidate is already known to us as a great consultant with a good reputation. That is, we are confident that the candidate will have happy clients.
  2. The candidate is social, and we must actually like the person and look forward to hanging out together for years, or even decades.
  3. At least one us has worked with the candidate before (and can therefore testify to the first two points). We want someone to say “Hey, I’ve worked with her before, she’s awesome! We’d be IDIOTS not to let her join!”

This considerably limits the number of applicants.

Other things that we value (but don’t always require):

Don’t steal people from clients!

One golden rule as a consultant is to never ever hire a co-worker from a client. Managers obviously don’t want consultants to steal their employees, so we don’t even discuss recruitment with a candidate until after both the candidate and the consultant have left the place where they worked together. Sometimes years after.

Again, we are in no hurry to grow. An awesome person is worth waiting for.

What kind of people don’t fit at verseworks?

People who want stability don’t fit at verseworks. You won’t have stable working hours and a fixed desk. You won’t even get a fixed salary – in fact, it’s the other way around – you pay a fee (but keep most of what you earn). See the economic model. So when you don’t have a client, you bleed money every month! On the other hand, when you do have a client, you earn more than what any company would pay you in salary. So it’s up to you to buffer cash and manage risk.

This kind of model obviously doesn’t fit everyone.

What kind of people do fit at verseworks?

Most people who end up at verseworks were previously independent consultants (or were heading in that direction). Typical personality traits:

Of course, not everyone at verseworks has all these traits. But this is typically the type of person who is attracted to verseworks.

What’s the recruitment process?

It’s quite simple:

  1. Mr X (a candidate) approaches Mrs Y (a Crisper) and asks to join Crisp.
  2. Y does what it takes to evaluate X. Start by finding out which Crispers have worked with Mr X before and that they think of him. Then organize interviews and tests and whatever else she deems necessary.
  3. If Y thinks X is suitable, she emails all partners: “I think X should be a Partner, because [reasons]. Anyone against?”.
  4. If no response comes within a few days, the decision is done! Otherwise, if people have doubts or questions, keep repeating points 2-3 until the candidate is accepted or rejected.

All active candidates have a “puller”, in this case Mrs Y. That’s our internal term for the person “pulling” an initiative and making sure things move forward, and that the candidate is well-treated. Similar to the bun holder in our bun protocol.

Bottom line: As long as even one single partner is against hiring a candidate, we won’t do it. We’re not really fond of vetoes, but for recruiting it feels motivated. We prefer the risk of rejecting a good candidate, over the risk of accepting a bad candidate.

How does on-boarding work?

Welcome! You’ll need to sign our Partner Agreement, and create your own personal company (if you don’t already have one). Formally you’ll be employed by your company, not verseworks. We’ll help you get started.

Congrats, you are now your own manager! Be nice.

We will also go for dinner at a nice restaurant, setup your email account and all that jazz, like most other companies. And we’ll proudly display you on our site of course!

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