How we do sales

verseworks partners mostly sell themselves and each other. Most of our sales is reactive (clients contacting us) rather than proactive (us contacting clients). That’s why we don’t have a sales department

As a consultant or contractor, timing is a huge challenge. How likely is it that my next client, client B, will come knocking on the door precisely when I’m done with client A? Forget it! Instead, client B will get in touch while I’m still busy with client A. Or I’ll finish with client A, and there’s no other client knocking on the door. Consultants tend to have too much work or too little work, never just enough.

The solution is load balancing – having a group of trusted colleagues that you can send clients to and receive clients from. And that’s exactly what verseworks is – a bunch of trusted colleagues!

The bun protocol is our main tool for routing client requests between each other. It helps connect the right client with the right consultant at the right time, which benefits everyone! And it works pretty OK without any kind of central control :o)

How do we handle conflicts, such as two consultants competing for the same client gig?

See the bun protocol page for answers to that and many similar questions about how we route clients internally.

Do we have a “finders fee” for finding client gigs for each other?

Nope. If you pass a client on to a colleague, you won’t earn a provision or finder’s fee or anything like that. Why? Because the underlying purpose of verseworks is not to maximize profit, it is to maximize happiness. We earn money from our clients, not from each other.

Deciding what is fair leads to complex agreements, unproductive negotiations, opacity and stress. The guiding principle is “what goes around, comes around”. Today I give you a client, tomorrow someone else gives me a client, and over time it more or less evens out. 100% “fairness” just isn’t worth pursuing. We choose simplicity, transparency and clear ethics rather than a few extra pounds.

What about the business developer role?

We would love help with this. If you know how to do this and think you could help us, please get in touch.

What about agencies?

We work with agencies on 2 principles:
– That their fees are transparent to all parties, and proportional to the service they provide.
– That they represent us as verseworks consultants.

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